Duck Dynasty and Slavery

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has come under some scrutiny for his recent interview answer about homosexuals.  You can view the Huffington Post article here if you need a refresher.  Obviously social media has been set ablaze with both sides arguing their case about justice being served or that he was unjustly suspended. 

Given the fact that I would be fired from my job (and presumably, any job) for making an indirect racial slur, I feel the punishment was correct.  If I am in an office with 3 or 4 coworkers, they all witness a tirade on some race that is unfounded and unfair, and I get reported to the HR department, I am not going to be working for that company any longer.  For Mr. Robertson, as soon as he stepped out of the private sector and into the public world, he gave up his rights to say whatever he wants in public because all that he says is in his “office”.

This isn’t about him being able to express his “opinions”.  He is absolutely allowed to express his opinions, and he did.  I’m not sure why people think this is a free speech issue, it isn’t.  He hasn’t gone to jail for this remark, and never will.  Freedom of speech upheld.  He is still subject to his company’s rules and guidelines, just like you and me.

If you go in ranting and raving about how we should endorse slavery in this country again, you’re going to get some heat.  It’s your opinion, you won’t go to jail for it, and you also have your “book” to back you up.  God endorses slavery, why aren’t we pushing for a return? The reason is secular morality has stepped in and changed the Bible’s ridiculous morality.  We are almost all of the opinion that slavery is horrible; the Bible is not of the same opinion.  The same trend will happen with all of the ridiculous values contained in that book eventually (ie, promoting homosexuality as “wrong”).  Chic-Fil-A and Phil Robertson are the beginnings of this change.

I’m excited these things keep coming to light.  They keep showcasing how dead and tired the moral principles from an archaic text really are.  As a society, hopefully in my lifetime, we will eventually shed all of these unfounded and ill-conceived “opinions” that aren’t based on anything in reality, and realize how ridiculous we once were.  I’m just very impatient.


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